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I hope the annoyance is only one-time, because of its deployment. Probot: Stale. A GitHub App built with Probot that closes abandoned Issues and Pull Requests after a period of inactivity. Inspired by @parkr's auto-reply bot that runs @jekyllbot. Usage. Configure the GitHub App; Create .github/stale.yml based on the following template. It will start scanning for stale issues and/or pull requests within an hour.

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To keep up with the constant barrage of new issues and PRs, many open source projects have employed a 'stale issue' bot (Probot: stale), which marks issues/PRs with no activity stale, then later closes them. Automatically close stale Issues and Pull Requests that tend to accumulate during a project. How it works. After a period of inactivity, a label will be applied to mark an issue as stale, and optionally a comment will be posted to notify contributors that the Issue or Pull Request will be closed. You should got a request to enable stale bot in this project.

Change stale bot to only touch pull requests over 120 days old (#12217). master^2.

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For each issue on a GitHub repository: I opened the issue, but because there was no answer for a long time the stale bot has flagged it 'staled' then finally that bot closed it. as the owner of the issue, how do I re-open it?

Github stale bot

Create autoscale Azure Cosmos DB account for Cassandra API

Github stale bot

My talk is going to be about Probot — GitHub's framework for creating bots. A bot built with Probot is a NodeJS application that handles GitHub's events. Pro Learn by doing, working with GitHub Learning Lab bot to complete tasks and level up one step at a time. Free instagram bot and tools.

Github stale bot

Skapad av Dr Greenthumb (Cryofwar) Skapad av Stale Radish. This map is an old  translators: this is a tag displayed beside the author name "P2 Bot", used #. to ge feedback – alla " "diskussioner med ditt team är nu på ett och samma ställe. status: string-freeze #. pr:  Pracujem s ľuďmi, ktorí majú HSPA T-Mobile telefóny a moja vzw iPhone stále cíti výrazne rýchlejší . Er bot unsterbliche Unterstützung des Staates Israel. Primeiro, há uma comunidade incrível de programadores no GitHub produzindo  spegling av · Bevaka 1 · Stjärnmärk 0 dependabot/npm_and_yarn/nextcloud/router-2.0.0 move-to-stale-actions.
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Github stale bot

How stable is the bot configuration for a project? We considered the number of modifications as a proxy to the effort required to use the bot in a project. 59.2% of projects only added the .github/stale.yml file 83% of projects that changed the configuration file at least once made no more than three modifications 15 About stale-bot closing issues on GitHub.

Container Registry can use  8 Dec 2019 This is day 8 of my GitHub Actions Advent Calendar. If you want to see the whole list of tips as they're published, see the index. Having stale  24 Aug 2020 GitHub Issues are preferred for discussion of this specification.
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Why? Issues don't go away just because you don't look. Many projects maintain a facade of good health by ignoring and auto-closing issues. 3.1m members in the programming community.

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Regarding our bot, and the documentation of GitHub API v3, we will listen two events: IssuesEvent (with action/type value equals to “opened”) PullRequestEvent (with action/type value equals to 2019-02-04 · Install the GitHub App. 2. Configure your repositories.

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#git. If you find yourself working on a git  Clean up stale sessions to compact the Redis database after you upgrade to GitLab 7.3. Container Registry garbage collection.

Inspired by @parkr's auto-reply bot that runs @jekyllbot. Usage. Configure the GitHub App; Create .github/stale.yml based on the following template. It will start scanning for stale issues and/or pull requests within 24 hours. Stale Bot’s are a type of automated bot on Github, which locks issues which are “stale” (as in have no recent activity).